Underwater Cinematography / Corporate Promos / Online Virals / Music Videos / Documentaries / Short Film / Commercial Advertising

Film and Video is now the most popular and effective way for you convey a message to large numbers of people. Be it a feature-length film, a music video, commercial advertising or you simply want to capture a special memory for posterity, a well made, professional video will mean that your intended audience are far more likely to actually want to watch what it is you’re giving them.

In the modern era, cameras which can capture full HD footage are now more readily available than ever but the camera is only one ingredient in the production of high-end video. A great looking video which successfully tells a story or delivers a message in an engaging, enjoyable and suitable way is the product of numerous factors and areas of expertise, lovingly put together in a specific way which is geared towards your project getting the most out of its concept and resources.

Our filmed output doesn’t look as good as it does by accident, we handle every aspect of planning and pre-production through to final delivery of the finished product to you with the same level of professionalism and quality control regardless of the size or budget of your film or video, “it’ll do,” is not a phrase you will hear during a Scarlet View production.

You may be surprised to learn how much goes in to making your video stand out but we will handle the following on your production;


Ideas, Planning, Storyboards etc

Assembling Crew

Getting the right team together

Production & Direction

Making the shoot happen and getting those shots!


Framing, Focus, Exposure, Composition, Story-telling…

Sound Recording

Narrative, Dialogue, Ambient Sound, Ambience…


Key Lights, Fill Lights, Mood Lighting, Ambient Light…

Media Management

File Storage, Conversion, Backup, Logging, Rushes…


Cutting the footage together, Sound Editing, Audio Design etc…

Look Building

Colour Correction, Grading, Film Stocks, building the look of the piece

Effects and Graphics

Animations, Stylising, Cleaning Footage, Graphics etc

Text Design

Credits, Subtitles, Visual Aids etc…

Final Delivery

Encoding to different formats, Media Management, Time Limits, Broadcast ready formats, Aspect ratios etc…

We keep you updated throughout the entire process of editing and post-production, we give you the opportunity to see the various stages of progress and if you would like any changes made during this period, we are happy to advise and oblige, we want you to get the product you want and we are confident that upon first viewing, you’ll feel that we even exceeded your high expectations.

Colour Correction and Colour Grading of your video come as standard, we don’t charge extra for that for the simple reason we see it as a normal part of the post production and edit phase, we wouldn’t put our own films out without it so we wouldn’t put out yours without it either.

Additional post production such as graphics, special effects, air brushing and more complex look building, is available at an extra charge and any details regarding this side of the process will be discussed with you well in advance, ensuring you get the look you want.

Every video project is different and we treat them as such, some will cost more than others but we guarantee value for money whatever your budget. We will always strive to deliver what we feel to be the highest quality product we can for you. You are part of the process and as such the first thing we do with every client is discuss with you exactly what you want, if we don’t think it will work we’ll tell you why and come up with ways for you to get what you want for the budget you have available.

If you want your video to replicate the look of a particular film or TV show, we can do that and shoot specifically to your needs, this is pure, bespoke film production which goes that extra mile to stand out from the crowd.

If you can imagine it, we can make it for you.

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