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Whether you need the full production service or you just need to hire professional and talented Cinematographers, Scarlet View Media has you covered. We specialise in high-end, cinematic content that engages and excites.

Bespoke Royalty-Free Music

You’ve got the footage but you can’t use the music you desperately want for your film or promo video because of copyright? Not a problem anymore, let us compose, produce and deliver the music you want, to order, with no royalties or license to pay!


Scarlet View Shoots Lifescreen and Mortdelamer!

(Ed: Not literally though of course!)

We love photographing people and in particular bands, not just because it means we get to rock out with some very cool people, but because musos are often a bit more comfortable in front of a camera which helps in getting some nice shots.

It also helps when the band know you well and Lifescreen are amongst my closest friends so I know the kind of look they like and they feel comfortable posing for shots with me so it really helps the end result.

I love low light flash photography and particularly that as the sun is just going down. We were lucky on the night I went with the boys to their show at The Riverside in Selby, as it was a beautiful evening which offered up the perfect backdrop for some epic low light shots and I think we got some great results!

The other great thing about shooting bands is capturing those moments when a performer gets totally lost in their art, the candid, completely natural shots which I have to say, are always my favourites and Lifescreen’s energetic, passionate and genuine performance provided a few of these moments, in the pic above, drummer Andy, a usually pretty laid back character, totally gives in to the power of the song.

It’s also a bonus when the band or at least, members of the band, have a “look,” and being a Rock and Metal fan myself, I’ve always been drawn to that look, the hair, tattoos, the black, it just looks great in the right lighting and Chris (or Hoolio as we call him, I can’t remember why) has that type of look where he just photographs well pretty much all the time, I really enjoy shooting him.

Mortdelamer’s Joe is the same but without the long hair and tattoos, what makes Joe great to shoot is his complete commitment to performance and the variety of facial expressions he goes through during a half hour set, that type of stuff is exactly what photographers want because that is what makes pictures interesting and exciting to look at!

It was a great night and the three bands on show were all brilliant. If you’re in a band and want some shots of a live gig, maybe even some promo shots, why not get in touch with us to see if Scarlet View can help?

Who Are We?

We are Scarlet View Media, a multi-award winning independent Production Company based in York, North Yorkshire, working nationwide and internationally in film & video, post-production and digital grading and the creation of bespoke, royalty-free music.

We pride ourselves on the high quality of our work and our approach to clients, here, creativity and customer service form the bed rock of everything we do and we take the time to deliver work only of the highest quality, with professional, broadcast standard equipment and an enthusiastic, positive attitude.

Each of our clients is equally important and highly valued, if you think you might want to benefit from what we can offer, take a few minutes to look through the site, watch some videos, check out some photos and even listen to some music! If you think we can help you, get in touch, we love to hear from new people!

This site will be regularly updated with examples of our work so don’t be a stranger, you might just miss out on something pretty awesome…

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    We may be a young company and we may be small, but we have big ideas and lofty ambitions, if you want a team to commit to your project, involve you throughout and try their very best to exceed even your highest expectations, we’d like to think you’d choose us!

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    We love what we do, it’s why we do it! Here, we view the responsibility to create inspirational, informative, fresh and exciting media content as a privilege, whether it be for private or commercial clients. We can guarantee we’ll enjoy working with you, we hope you feel the same.

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    You’re not just enlisting our skills as Film-Makers, Photographers or Musicians, you’re inviting us to spend time with you to understand exactly what it is you want and as such, you will find us professional, personable, easy to get along with and always happy to answer any questions and discuss any ideas you have at any point during the process during which you have enlisted our help.

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