We are Film-Makers and one thing every good Film-Maker knows, is that music can make or break a project, the wrong music can completely kill a mood, date your video horribly and worst of all, encourage a viewer to stop watching and all your hard work has been for nothing.

So, why can’t you just use a song from your music collection? That’s where the issue of licensing and royalties comes in. The music in your music collection is owned by someone and it is up to them how that piece of music gets used. If you want to use a song by a signed or established artist for a commercial project and you don’t have the permission to do so from the Record Label and/or the artist, you can expect to hear from their lawyers and you don’t want that and more importantly, neither does your client!

Where we differ from other Production Companies is that before we were Film-Makers, we were (and continue to be) professional musicians, songwriters, composers, performers and producers. Put simply, we know what good music is and we know how to make it.

There are some great resources these days for Film-Makers to obtain license and royalty free music but let’s be honest, that requires you either get very lucky, very quickly with exactly the type of music you are looking for or you have to trawl through an awful lot of unsuitable or just plain bad music to hopefully find the piece that nearest matches your requirements. I’ve done it myself, many times, and it’s not an enjoyable experience, potentially taking up hours of your precious time and even then you may still not find the piece of music that fits your needs!

So, you have an idea of the type of music you want, you might even have an exact song in mind but you can’t use the song and you can’t find something which you want to use, what do you do? You contact us and let us do all that for you!

Regardless of genre, length, content or lyrics, if you can imagine it, we can write and record it for you. We will discuss your exact needs, write the music to your specifications, produce, mix and master it all and not only that, hand it over to you, license free, to own and use as and whenever you like.

Instead of spending hours trying to find something as close to what you want as possible, why not have a highly skilled team of musicians make that exact, bespoke, piece of music for you without the issues of licensing and knowing that nobody else will be using the same soundtrack as you?

Contact us and as always, we’ll talk to you about what you want and deliver as quickly as possible ensuring your project not only looks great, but sounds great too!