David Diley

David Diley

Company Director

David is a Film-Maker, Cinematographer, Colourist and Editor who is also a commercially qualified HSE Media Diver and Underwater Cinematographer.

A lifelong love of film and film-making, ten years as a professional musician, Cameraman, Photographer, Director, Producer, Shark Diver, Writer and with several years experience in both the corporate and retail environments, David has a varied background with diverse experience, all of which has culminated in the creation of Scarlet View Media.

David has received international acclaim for his work, most recently for his award winning, feature documentary, "Of Shark and Man," and his short films, “A Ray of Light,” and " A Ray of Light II" which tell the story of Brad Robertson, a grassroots conservationist struggling against the odds to protect Mallorca’s Stingrays. "A Ray of Light" went on to headline international and touring film festivals raising David’s profile as an emerging talent.

David is passionate about exceeding people’s expectations in whatever he does and this is visible in his work, his ethos being that you can create high end media, working with people, often with no experience in film and video work and remain personable, friendly, patient and understanding.

David can handle every aspect of a film’s production and is a highly skilled editor and colourist, able to ensure even the most subtle of details shine in your video. He is also an enthusiastic stills photographer with a passion for candid photography of real people in real life scenarios.

David Lawrie

David Lawrie

Music Producer & Sound Design Artist

Working professionally in the music industry for the past 6 years, David has produced and arranged with and for many artists, and he has written for commercial projects, film and theatre. In his solo musical work, David makes use of found-sounds and sound design, which led him to work with director David Diley as sound designer for the film “Of Shark And Man.”

Classically trained from the age of 7, David has a particularly musical approach to sound design, with the results being very creative and inspired, rather than purely functional. He is a perfectionist who will go the extra mile to add that final “sparkle” to a project.

David sometimes composes under the pseudonym “Haruko”, and he set up Ishikawa Records as an independent label for independent musicians.

David is an exceptionally talented Sound Design Artist with a meticulous ear for detail and the nuances which elevate a production from the ordinary to the extraordinary and this skill, in conjunction with our cinematography and post production ensures that not only do your projects look incredible, they also sound incredible.

David is just another reason to choose Scarlet View Media to help you stand out from the crowd.

Mark Burrows

Mark Burrows

Music Producer and Sound Editor

An exceptionally talented musician and producer, Mark has been involved with music for most of his life, writing, recording, producing, performing and touring with various bands and solo projects to great acclaim.

Skilled on a variety of instruments, Mark’s creativity and ability to adapt to different genres, means he has a talent for writing and recording the highest quality music in any style and keeping it fresh, innovative and cool, with an uncanny knack for being able to deliver, regardless of how vague the brief!

Mark’s skill with the technical process of recording has been recognised around the world for his work on albums by Nerve Engine, Lifescreen, Canaya and Indirah amongst others, with several of the songs he has produced being aired on national and international radio.

If you have a video project requiring multiple layers of audio, it’s Mark who takes that, applies his magic, mixing, editing and mastering a final audio track for your video that sparkles, meaning it doesn’t just look professional, it sounds it too!

Mark’s friendly and patient attitude, mixed with his ability to create superb, broadcast standard pieces of music, makes him a massive asset, not just to us here at Scarlet View, but to you, our client.

Lachlan Stewart-Baker

Lachlan Stewart-Baker

B-Cam Operator / Behind The Scenes / Production Assistant

Lockie is the most recent addition to the team and a very valuable one at that.

Although fairly new to the world of Film-Making, his enthusiasm, energy, varied skill set and willingness to learn makes him a joy to work with. Lockie shares our "can do" attitude and as an experienced waterman and yacht crew member, brings with him invaluable skills for those challenging shoots we do on the water.

He has a great eye and has served as David’s trusted right hand man on some challenging shoots already this year in which his professionalism and willingness to get "stuck in" was of huge benefit to everyone.

Not only is Lockie a valued collaborator, he‘s a great guy and if it’s broken, he can probably fix it, a priceless skill to have in any film crew!